Awakening to the Self – Silent Retreat.

Awakening to the SELF
We are happy to announce a new silent retreat with Carien. This retreat is a great opportunity to get into contact with the self.

 In Carien’s presence you feel the openness to truly be yourself.
What you may despise or protect within you isn’t judged, but instead given the space to be investigated. By judging behavior it remains unclear and covered. In Carien’s presence everything comes into light and just IS, without judgement.

Therefore there is space to investigate what it is, why we act the way we do, and what the consequences are for us and our environment. This can be a bit frightening , but if you challenge yourself to be completely honest it will be liberating. This will create space between you and your ego and strengthens the connection with the self and the people around you. Carien really gives you the space to investigate your inner saint and sinner.

We’d wish there were more people on this earth where you could truly be yourself.

When it’s dark, one light can be enough to find your way home. Sometimes just a little bit of light can make the path so clear that you’ll realize where you are and where you have to go to. Carien is such a light. She can shine light through the darkness and uncertainties of life and on the truth so you can find your way home. Back to your essence; something that doesn’t need anything from others, but is just happy that they are there. A sense of joy that can’t be perceived anywhere else than deep within yourself, in your own heart. A natural and authentic awareness that surpasses your sense of I. Experiencing this oneness is a homecoming that everyone desires.

Silent retreat from the 23rd till 27th of May 2022
During this silent retreat you will intensely experience this inner journey. Carien will give two Satsangs a day. During Satsang you’ll be able to ask questions about what you experience during the silence. Connecting with Carien opens up a connection with yourself. She’ll see what is needed instead of rationally answering your question, so you may experience true connection for yourself.

(Questions of other seekers are often just as clarifying as your own, giving new insights to what connection really is)

Silent Retreat at Anam Cara in Spain.
The resources to participate with us in Spain are limited. It is possible to stay in a tent. It is advisable to arrive a day before (Sunday 22nd of May).

For more info, the expenses, and making a reservation feel free to email us at:

Silent Retreat online (Zoom)
If you choose to participate online it is desirable to prepare your environment in a way that permits silence and contemplation. This includes: no talking, eye contact, physical contact, no reading, writing or other distractions.

During the entire retreat there is a live connection with the Satsang room, so you can stay in contact and continue to experience Carien’s energy.

Prices for online participtation are €125,00
For people with a low income it is also possible to participate with the silent retreat. Please contact us for options and information.

For signing up or requesting more information, please contact us on

Monday 23rd till Friday 27th May 2022

Monovar (Spain)

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Monday 23 May 2022  Friday 27 May 2022
Hele dag

Monovar (Spanje)

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