Thursday 15 Dec 2022  Saturday 17 Dec 2022    
Whole day


Monovar (Spain)
Partida Les Falcones 97, Monovar, Alicante, 03640

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When something calls from within it is grace that ensures that what is really needed comes your way,

In Carien’s energy you are introduced to grace and silence, not the word, but what it really is. The grace that you are there, that you want to be in the energy of love and that you may grow in awareness.

It is a mysterious thing that something so beautiful can come to you and a tremendous wealth to embrace this in your life,

Where the ego’s struggle and intent falls away against the light of truth. With humor, sharpness and above all with a lot of love, Carien always guides you to that place that is silent, that you’ll immediately recognize as yourself, the silence that you are.

When: December 15th to December 17th, 2022
This silent retreat is the chance to become more deeply connected with your heart. With the grace and love that Carien speaks of, she always points to the deeper truth that IS. Because the daily distractions are kept to a minimum, the space is created where our search becomes clear. In the light of Carien, this is reinforced. This makes it a very intense and special experience.

There is an opportunity to stay at our location. There are various options such as a guest house, tent or caravan.
For  more information contact us at team@carien.org

Online participation
For online participation we use the video platform Zoom. During the retreat there will be a 24h livestream with the Satsang room, meditation garden or other contemplation spots.

For signing up and more information visit the ticket page

you can always contact us at: team@carien.org