A response comes after a reaction.

The fundamental difference between a reaction and a response?
is an unconscious action in which we focus our energy on the world outside of us in an attempt to defend ourselves or attack someone else.

A reaction is a belief of thoughts, that we’ve come to believe as the truth. We want to soothe our unpleasant experiences and keep them under control.

All reactive behaviours usually express themselves in not being able or willing to admit that you’ve done something wrong. Responding reactively gets expressed in blame, accusations and revenge. If we react we are doing something about, what we perceive as, ‘happening to us’.

A response (answer) is a conscious choice to keep the energy that boils up within ourselves and to internalize it in a constructive way. This with the purpose to use that energy to integrate unconsciousness.

The underlying theme of responsive behaviour is responsibility. Wanting to keep the responsibility completely in ourselves, whereby we learn to experience a deep connection with our true self, our greater self.

By unconditionally feeling how our emotions unfold within ourselves and by not projecting them to ourself or others, we become more connected with the response, the deeper voice within us. This is the real voice of our natural self and shall be immediately recognised as yourself. Home. If this becomes perceivable you experience a natural self, which has the freedom in itself to both react and respond. Reactions aren’t expressed unconsciously anymore but used there where reactions are actually needed. For example quick reactions can prevent accidents while being in traffic. Or if we see someone fall our quick reaction is a god gift. Also think about someone with crutches who wants to cross the street , in that case being able to react quickly by you is very important. So reactions have nothing to do with something bad, but we may become more aware of when reactions serve us and others.

If you become truly aware of your inner response you’ll act accordingly. At first you reacted on everything, now reactions are born from a response. If you are aware you know what you do and what you are up to. Because you are home and act according to what is necessary to both yourself and to others. Someone who is awake will connect and not break.

Deeper focus
If we’re not aware, we basically react on everything. To be able to give a response instead of a reaction you’ll have to develop a deeper focus.

A few examples in which we react immediately:

– somebody says something that touches you

– somebody yells at you out of nowhere

– somebody says something unfair to you

Reactions that we rarely notice, are the so to say innocent reactions, for example if you walk by a snackbar. If you’re hungry you will definitely have a reaction, maybe even if you’re not hungry.

We react indiscriminately. There is nothing wrong with that, except that it happens unaware. At the mercy of these unconscious reactions or impulses, they can have big consequences. Without our awareness we are sleep walking. Reactions happen constantly if we see something that we find pretty, ugly or dirty. Especially if we think we find something important, we will react and the experience of the response stays out. Because we don’t know how to achieve a response within ourselves.

Because we are still not more deeply connected with ourselves, opinions, beliefs and habits seem to have control over us. By the speed of which life passes by, it seems like we can’t do anything else than to react. People usually ask for (preferably) a quick reaction, both commercially as personally.

We just follow the impulse to react, at the mercy of the reaction that is there. Paralyzed, numbed we react from ignorance and act as if we know everything. We can’t do anything else than to follow our reactions as a slave. Because it’s such an unconscious state, we are not standing still at how we react or what it is in us that reacts.

We have all given a response from time to time, with an important decision for example when buying a house or car, we’re capable to speak out of a response. Just think about the expression “having to sleep on it.” or “let something sink in me”

We have all said or done this at some time.

Why is it only possible then? Because we know deep inside that those purchases can have big consequences. So to what extent are we aware that the, in our eyes unimportant things, don’t have far reaching consequences?

Moving towards and starting to act instead of talking about it.
Don’t enrich yourself with even more knowledge. Don’t read this as if you now know something new, but crave towards connecting this in your daily life. Become as it where this text. Understanding alone is not enough, but take action.

For everyone

– that feels at home with me,

– who lives with me and/or follows Satsangs

– who is sincerely looking for the truth anywhere in the world

– who wants to wake up

I wish upon you the most beautiful and highest achievable what you can give yourself and mankind.

For you I wrote this, those that by reading this want to feel it and increase their focus towards response, to achieve it. So you can take a deep breath of air before you start responding like a madman to everything you hear or think to see. But that you let your reaction go through you and don’t let yourself get carried away with it.

Someone who wants to penetrate to the true core of everything, let reactions of others and themselves go through them and trains the mind to listen, to SILENCE!

With all the love for you,


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