Carien: The love you didn’t notice.

At first glance you would never expect that it’s indeed love, that stands in front of you. You could walk right past it. But when you meet Carien, you’ll never forget that. The openness, the love, the joy you feel, the spark, as if something of yourself is being touched that you had forgotten about for a long time.

Carien did not have an easy life. But she chose not to be a victim, and to find the wisdom within herself. She herself did not have a spiritual master, because the living conditions did not allow it. In her quest however, she would have liked a spiritual master, to be carried by the great power of light, in which everything IS. In the end, one meeting and a few words was enough. Someone awake who was a mirror to her, in which she saw: this is love and it is you. And you are not alone in this. This encounter has made her stand up for what she has always experienced in her heart. Now she helps seekers to find true love and become free as well.

However, because she has had no master herself and does not follow any movement, it has everything against it. In the search for a teacher, it is easy to make pictures and shapes of what a teacher should be like or what kind of life he or she should have had. Other teachers sometimes have many followers, have a well-known master themselves or stem from a long tradition, sometimes a thousand years old. That gives a certain credibility.

Carien has no such history. She’s the one that stands out the least, the one you see the least. Carien is just standing next to you. Very down-to-earth and approachable. She has lived a normal life, raised children, worked, in short: the daily worries of life. It cannot therefore be explained. But you just feel that it’s true love, even though you might have had a very different idea of it.

Since 2020 she resides in Spain, near Alicante. She has created a place where people who are willing to make the special journey inward, can stay for a shorter or longer period of time. In her energy everything is strengthened, in her light you feel a love, joy and openness. You can then perceive yourself better and experience the richness in your heart.

She gives Satsangs weekly, which can also be followed live online after registration. In addition, there are silent retreats on location in Spain, in which you can also participate online. In these retreats, several Satsangs are given per day.

During Satsang there is an opportunity to sit in Carien’s energy, to get deeper into yourself and to make contact with what is really there. Questions can also be asked, which often lead to more inner silence, true connection and a realization: the discovery that the answer has been present within yourself all along. Carien guides you with love through all ambiguities to that place in your heart.

You just feel that Carien loves you, that it’s real. That’s what people are looking for, that’s all they need, in that they become themselves. Love unfolds everything, the connection then becomes tangible. Her love is always tangible.