Interview with Carien: Love is not a word

It’s very special that someone moves so many people. No matter how you are touched and something special happens. For those who seek their heart, it is like coming home. So tangible that you can almost grasp it, yet so indescribable that no words come close. Real love, not the fleeting kind. The love that […]

From Reaction to Response

A response comes after a reaction. The fundamental difference between a reaction and a response? Reaction is an unconscious action in which we focus our energy on the world outside of us in an attempt to defend ourselves or attack someone else. A reaction is a belief of thoughts, that we’ve come to believe as […]

The vegetable garden

The vegetable garden Gardening grows the spirit! Everyone with a love for all that grows can now enjoy themselves in our garden. With a lot of admiration, we see the plants grow day by day.   It all started with these little plants.   Bell peppers, tomatoes, chili peppers, watermelon, pumpkin, and cucumbers. And by […]

A visit to Carien in Spain

A visit to Carien in Spain It all started with a simple message from Carien: “Maybe your time has come as well to come to me. For what you ask requires a deeper contact. X.” That same day I replied: “Yes, I’m coming to Spain.” I knew it was necessary. The start of a special […]