Interview with Carien: Because you are real with me I discover what is not real

Introduction I see a lot of spiritual teachers, groups and courses. But I hardly see anyone who is the same as Carien. It sometimes seems that I only see knowledge transfer, experience experts who speak about what they themselves have experienced. And if there is room for questions by the students, then after a satisfactory […]

Interview with Carien: Love is not a word

It’s very special that someone moves so many people. No matter how you are touched and something special happens. For those who seek their heart, it is like coming home. So tangible that you can almost grasp it, yet so indescribable that no words come close. Real love, not the fleeting kind. The love that […]

The vegetable garden

The vegetable garden Gardening grows the spirit! Everyone with a love for all that grows can now enjoy themselves in our garden. With a lot of admiration, we see the plants grow day by day.   It all started with these little plants.   Bell peppers, tomatoes, chili peppers, watermelon, pumpkin, and cucumbers. And by […]