Satsang with Carien

You have done many courses, lectures, and training. Read books and experienced teachers. Maybe you have practiced meditation for a long time but still haven’t found “it” yet.

Satsang is the chance to get into contact with the truth of who you are.
Just sitting in the energy of Carien alone awakens that non-personal clarity and love that is already within us all. With humour and the sharpest responses. She is not afraid to talk about the most difficult subjects for the mind.

Attending at a Satsang, your mind will come to the surface. That’s exactly what a true seeker is searching for. A true seeker has had enough of their own stories and will experience Carien as a breath of fresh air.
Controversial and with a no-nonsense mentality. By many she is called the “head-hunter”, this white lion will see right through you. So you gradually discover what is real, and what is not.

A weekly Satsang is a moment of reflection and connection. To come home to yourself and give nourishment to the soul. During these meetings, you are invited to ask questions that you feel or experience at that moment in your life.

Once you have had a hint of your true self, there is no going back.

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