Carien herself says: ‘I can’t ask for money for what you already are’. She says: ‘I’m happy if I can reach just one heart’.

However, it would be very nice if the Carien Foundation could generate some revenue. so that expenses can be covered and that there are also financial opportunities to grow.
Maybe you feel that it’s really valuable what Carien does, and you want to show your gratitude by making a contribution.

We use the donations for candles and incense, but also, for example, new equipment needed to broadcast the Satsangs, tools for the workshop, and plants for the vegetable garden.

And when it comes to the growth of Anam Cara and the guiding of Carien, a larger room is on our wish list to be able to receive more people for Satsangs and Silence Retreats.

It feels wonderful when we can give something back and that we can support Carien in any way.
And it feels great when that feeling is shared. A feeling that we do that together. That the realization grows in us; that gratitude grows in us.

Do you feel you want to contribute something?

  • March 1st, 2024: Our new bank account details will be placed here soon.
  • Or make a donation with Bitcoin
    Our wallet is: bc1qsslcexjpy9ct4dsn87ffg7mlazl7fq9dla26jf