Carien on the Meaning of Life.

Most people that ask themselves this question will start to think. When you go deeper into the question you will see that you still look as if you are separate to life.

At first this question will seem to lead you nowhere. If there is no separate you, than it would mean you are life itself. It´s the realization that the feeling of separation only exists in the thinking and identified mind.

Wouldn’t a better question be: Does my life have meaning or is it meaningless? And shouldn’t we ask ourselves: What is the meaning of me asking this question and why do i want to know this from somebody else’s experience? If you truly and sincerely stay with this question than it will lead you further into yourself. Than ask yourself again, what is the meaning of life. It would be a question where first of all, you will get no answer to. It would then be a meaningless answer.

Because to find out what the meaning of life truly is about, everybody has to go and look for the answer deep within themselves. You have to go beyond the thinking mind, beyond the truth as you know it. To hear what somebody else has to say about the meaning of life is just like asking other people: Who am I? It’s no wonder we’re all still confused about ourselves. The answers other people give you to “who am I” or about “the meaning of life” is and will remain meaningless until you yourself are getting truly interested with these questions. It is then that you want to find out the truth for yourself.

Until that moment your entertaining yourself with all sort of nonsense, and asking other people for the truth. It is like being extremely thirsty and drinking petrol, knowing it won’t work. So my experience of this can only be either entertaining or inspiring but never the meaning of life itself.

The meaning of life for me? That you are a being of God. That you are not just a child of God but carry God within you.

The most important thing in the world is that humanity comes to God, that is worth everything.
That you surrender to the greater self and wake up. Only when one wakes up can one see how wonderful the world is. That you are never alone and always connected and that there is an abundance of love, so beautiful. There is such an immense love that crushes us all, but what good is it for you to know this from me?

The meaning of life is actually more a discovery than a question, and certainly not a question you can ask anyone else.

You are taught early on that you have to work hard, you have to do your best. But you are rarely taught to have fun in your life and that it is important to love what you do. It is not important at all whether you are good at your job, a good engineer or a good cook or a great spiritual leader. That is what people all make very important, but that is not at all what matters.

The only thing that matters is what you ultimately do for others. How you are with your fellow people. That you care about the people around you. That’s where the whole answer is. Look around you, at the people around you! Do you really see them, are you genuine and pure? Do you dare to address them when necessary, and can you look without judgment?

When you become aware that the judging of others takes place entirely within yourself. You will start to feel how much you actually suffer from your own judgments, pride and arrogance. Just at the moment this realization comes to light, you are born into not-knowing. That is a great starting position. Not-knowing makes you a very loving and open human being,

It is time to wake up to the source.