The vegetable garden

The vegetable garden

Gardening grows the spirit! Everyone with a love for all that grows can now enjoy themselves in our garden.
With a lot of admiration, we see the plants grow day by day.


It all started with these little plants.


Bell peppers, tomatoes, chili peppers, watermelon, pumpkin, and cucumbers.

And by now they are fully grown.
The bell peppers, tomatoes, and watermelons are sweeter than anything we have ever tasted before.  
We are so grateful for getting the chance to learn how to garden. We quickly learn how to adapt to the intense Spanish sun and rocky soil.


Lettuce, chives, parsley, basil, sage, peppermint, and stevia

In between the herbs, there is space for meditation.
The herbs grow so quickly. we can’t keep up, drinking peppermint tea every day. The basil stands proud and tall amongst the other herbs.
Having fresh veggies with our dinner every day, delicious!

Due to the great weather in Spain, we can enjoy our herbs and vegetables for much longer.
For us, it is more than just a vegetable garden. A little bit of ourselves is growing here. We give love and attention to the vegetables every day, and you can taste that!
We want to be as self-sufficient as possible and make our sauces. For example sambal (chili pepper paste), chili sauce, pesto, and tapenade.

Our fig and almond tree are also giving fruits. So we (almost) don’t have to go to the supermarket anymore!