Guidelines for Satsang

These guidelines are designed to ensure silence, love and connection when participating in a Satsang with Carien.

Participating in Satsang


We use the video calling platform Zoom to offer the Satsang online. If you are not yet familiar with Zoom, we have helpful guides available for both computer and phone.

Here are some important points that are useful to know when registering and participating in our online Satsang:

  • Registration and participation link: Within 24 hours of your registration, you will receive a link that allows you to participate in the Satsang. From 19:30 the link will be open for you to dial in. The request is to focus your attention inward and not engage in conversations with others before and during the Satsang.
  • Microphone settings: Upon entering the Satsang, your microphone will automatically be switched off (muted). If you want to ask a question to Carien, you need to turn the microphone back on. Once the question has been asked and answered, we kindly ask you to switch off your microphone again. This prevents echoes and background noise.
  • We kindly ask you to be clearly visible throughout the Satsang. This contributes to a sense of connection.

Participate on location

Aside from participating online it is of course also possible to attend the Satsang live in Spain. You can find the address on our contact page.

From 19:30 you are welcome to take a seat in the Satsang room.

To show respect for both yourself and the other participants, we kindly ask you not to make (eye) contact with other participants during the Satsang. This helps to strengthen the connection with yourself and Carien.

Asking questions

During the Satsang there is room to ask questions. If you have a question, you can express this by raising your hand.

Do you already have a question before the Satsang? Then you can also mail it to The question will be printed out beforehand.

Dress code

We ask to wear appropriate clothing just like one wears when visiting a church or temple. This includes covering shoulders and knees and not wearing revealing or see-through clothing. Shorts and T-shirts are allowed. Shoulders and knees can be covered by means of a wrap cloth or blanket.


We do not recommend bringing children to the Satsang unless they are genuinely interested and can be quiet. Children who have a genuine desire to participate may attend. If you decide to bring children, we ask parents/carers to maintain the silence.

Film recordings

Film recordings will be made during the Satsangs. All or part of the Satsangs may be broadcast on our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram pages. Naturally, the footage is handled with care. If you were unable to attend a Satsang but would still like to watch it back, you can send an e-mail to to enquire about this.


Carien offers the Satsangs free of charge to anyone who wants to make the journey inward, because “How can you possibly charge for something you already are?” However, a voluntary donation out of gratitude is greatly appreciated. If you wish to do so visit our donation page.

Satsangs can be given in both Dutch and English.


Satsangs and retreats are no substitute or alternative for psychological help, therapy or other forms of health care.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: