Guidelines for Satsang

These guidelines have been created to ensure silence, love and connection when participating in a Satsang with Carien.
For a more comprehensive version of the guidelines click here.

  • Both Online and on location, you are welcome to join from 19:30.
  • The request is to sit in silence and avoid (eye) contact with others before and during the Satsang.
  • For Online Participation, we will use Zoom. We ask to be clearly visible during the Satsang and keep the microphone muted unless you are speaking. Click here for more information and have a look at our manual for Zoom on the computer or phone.
  • For participation on Location, you can find the address on our Contact page.
  • Questions for during the Satsang can be emailed to
  • It is desirable to wear appropriate clothing, i.e. with shoulders and knees covered.
  • We do not recommend bringing children to the Satsang, unless they are genuinely interested and can be quiet. Click here for more information.
  • Film recordings are made during the Satsangs. These can be used for our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram pages. Click here for more information.
  • Should you feel that you want to donate for participation in the Satsang, please check out our Donation page.
  • Satsangs can be given in both Dutch and English.

Satsangs and retreats are no substitute or alternative for psychological help, therapy or other forms of health care.

Should you have any questions about these guidelines then have a look at our extended guidelines or feel free to send an email to